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Taxi! by Aimée de Jongh
(Conundrum Press, 2019, 96 pages)

Aimée de Jongh, one of the brightest new talents in Europe, creates her first autobiographical work, focusing on taxi rides from four cities: Los Angeles, Paris, Jakarta, and Washington, DC.

Despite the stunning and detailed streetscapes she passes, de Jongh discovers she’s more interested in the cab drivers than the view from the backseat. As the drivers slowly open up about their personal lives, de Jongh does too — even when it means challenging her own ideas and prejudices.

Through these vulnerable — and often humorous — moments, de Jongh finds common ground with the people driving her. Taxi! Stories from the Back Seat is an ode to taxi drivers everywhere.

This beautifully woven series of vignettes from the brilliant Aimée de Jongh are a necessary and poignant reminder of our common humanity. - Joe Sacco
One of the great young cartoonists in the world. - Comic Book Resources


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