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New Dutch Writing is a new high-profile promotional campaign by the Dutch Foundation for Literature to promote Dutch writing in translation in the UK and Ireland and to nurture the next generation of translators.

It includes fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, children’s and poetry books, celebrating the work of translators and capitalising on the burgeoning interest in international literature among UK readers while engaging them in a stimulating, cross cultural debate. The campaign launched in July 2019 and continues through 2020 into 2021 and includes over 70 author events at a range of festivals and literature venues nationwide, featuring Dutch writers in conversation with their British counterparts. Read more...

Jan Rothuizen

For New Dutch Writing visual artist Jan Rothuizen imagined what a Dutch Writers' House would look like. From classic fiction writers like Gerard Reve to children's books authors Annet Schaap and from non-fiction bestseller Rutger Bregman to International Booker Prize nominee Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, they all live in the house filled with over 25 Dutch authors. In his own distinct style Jan Rothuizen, author of The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam, provides a new way to look at Dutch writing, which will also feature in the Summer Books edition of the London Review Of Books.

Jan Rothuizen

Upcoming events

New Dutch Writing has already included over 70 author events at a range of festivals and literature venues nationwide. Now that these autumn events have passed, the New Dutch Writing campaign is planning more events for the next few months. Keep an eye out for new events!

21 Oct
The Number Bias – Sanne Blauw In conversation with Professor Wyn Morgan

Numbers dictate our lives – from school grades to the economy.  Econometrist Sanne Blauw explains why figures are not as objective as they seem.

27 Oct
Little Wise Wolf with Hanneke Siemensma, Gijs van der Hammen and Laura Watkinson

A fun filled interactive session with two of the best loved Dutch children’s storybook creators.

28 Oct
Lampie and the Children of the Sea with Annet Schaap and Laura Watkinson

Join Annet Schaap, one of the Netherlands best loved illustrators and translator Laura Watkinson at this draw along session and  hear the story of Lampie, the lighthouse keeper’s daughter who has to light the lanterns and keep ships safe from the rocks. This charming, prizewinning story has as many twists as a mermaid’s tail and is set to be a modern classic.

3 Nov
New Dutch Writing Translation Workshop Series

A series of three translation workshops by leading translators from Dutch to English. Open to anyone with a sound knowledge of Dutch and native-speaker level English. Free to participate. 

Past events

13 Oct
Introducing Verzet Chapbooks

VERZET is a collection of beautifully designed chapbooks, showcasing the work of eight of the most exciting young writers working in the Netherlands today. 

5 Oct
Annet Schaap: Lampie

Annet Schaap talks with Emma Carroll (Letters from the Lighthouse) about her prize-winning novel, shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.

22 Sept
Verzet: New Dutch Writing Chapbooks Launch

In partnership with Strangers Press and the National Centre for Writing

Join us for the launch of VERZET, a collection of beautifully designed chapbooks published by Strangers Press, showcasing the translated work of eight of the most exciting young writers working in the Netherlands today. The chapbooks encompass an impressive array of award winners and nominees including Jamal Ouarichi, Karin Amatmoekrim, and Sanneke van Hassel, as well as newer voices all long overdue or dearly deserving of English language translations.

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