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The Goldsmith and the Master ThiefThe Goldsmith and the Master ThiefTonke Dragttranslation: Laura Watkinson
(Pushkin Press, in prep, 416 pages)
Talking to AlaskaTalking to AlaskaAnna Woltztranslation: Laura Watkinson
(Oneworld, in prep, 192 pages)
Chameleon NachtroerChameleon NachtroerCharlotte Van den Broecktranslation: David Colmer
(Bloodaxe Books, February 2020, 64 pages)
The Blessed RitaThe Blessed RitaTommy Wieringatranslation: Sam Garrett
(Scribe, 3 March 2020, 320 pages)
HumankindHumankindRutger Bregmantranslation: Elizabeth Manton
(Bloomsbury, 2020, 528 pages.)
Two Blankets, Three SheetsTwo Blankets, Three SheetsRodaan Al Galiditranslation: Jonathan Reeder
(World Editions, 2020, 472 pages)
The Discomfort of EveningThe Discomfort of EveningMarieke Lucas Rijneveldtranslation: Michele Hutchison
(Faber and Faber, 2020, 270 pages)
How are We Going to Explain This?How are We Going to Explain This?Jelmer Mommerstranslation: Laura Vroomen & Anna Asbury
(Profile Books, 2020, 240 pages)
Pluses and MinusesPluses and MinusesStefan Buijsmantranslation: Andy Brown
(Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2020, 208 pages.)
The Number BiasThe Number BiasSanne Blauwtranslation: Suzanne Jansen
(Sceptre, 2020, 208 pages)
The Seaweed Collector's HandbookThe Seaweed Collector's HandbookMiek Zwamborntranslation: Michele Hutchison
(Profile Books, 2020, 176 pages.)
Man Animal ThingMan Animal ThingAlfred Schaffer(Eyewear Publishing, 2020, 143 pages)
The Interpreter from JavaThe Interpreter from JavaAlfred Birneytranslation: David Doherty
(Head of Zeus, 2020)
Taxi!Taxi!Aimée de Jongh(Conundrum Press, 2019, 96 pages)
Super GuppySuper GuppyEdward van de Vendeltranslation: David Colmer
(The Emma Press, 2019, 80 pages)
AndyAndyTypex(SelfMadeHero, 2019, 568 pages)
What Cats ThinkWhat Cats ThinkMies van Hout(Pajama Press, 2019, 44 pages)
The DitchThe DitchHerman Kochtranslation: Sam Garrett
(Pan MacMillan, 2019, 352 pages)
The RepublicThe RepublicJoost de Vriestranslation: Jane Hedley-Prole
(Other Press, 2019, 336 pages)
Lampie and the Children of the SeaLampie and the Children of the SeaAnnet Schaaptranslation: Laura Watkinson
(Pushkin Press, 2019, 335 pages.)
WILLWILLJeroen Olyslaegerstranslation: David Colmer
(Pushkin Press, 2019, 334 pages.)
FriendsFriendsMies van Hout(Lemniscaat, 2019, 32 pages)
EscherEscherWouter van Reek(Leopold & Escher in the Palace, 2019, 32 pages)
Animal LanguagesAnimal LanguagesEva Meijertranslation: Laura Watkinson
(John Murray, 2019, 288 pages)
The RepublicThe RepublicJoost de Vriestranslation: Jane Hedley-Prole
(Arcadia, 2019, 264 pages.)
Young RembrandtYoung RembrandtOnno Blomtranslation: Beverley Jackson
(Pushkin Press, 2019, 264 pages)
Bird CottageBird CottageEva Meijertranslation: Antoinette Fawcett
(Pushkin, 2019, 256 pages)
From 1 to 10From 1 to 10Mies van Hout(Pajama Press, 2019, 24 pages)
The Death of Murat IdrissiThe Death of Murat IdrissiTommy Wieringatranslation: Sam Garrett
(Scribe, 2019, 112 pages)
I'll Root for YouI'll Root for YouEdward van de Vendeltranslation: David Colmer
(Eerdmans, 2018, 44 pages)
Little Wise WolfLittle Wise WolfHanneke Siemensmatranslation: Laura Watkinson
(Book Island, 2018, 40 pages)
Dinos Don’t ExistDinos Don’t ExistMark Janssen(Lemniscaat, 2018, 32 pages)
IslandIslandMark Janssen(Lemniscaat, 2018, 32 pages)
The Cut Out GirlThe Cut Out GirlBart van Es(Penguin, 2018, 304 pages)
Hair: It's A Family AffairHair: It's A Family AffairMylo Freeman(Cassava Republic Press, 2018, 28 pages)
Hey, who's in the loo?Hey, who's in the loo?Harmen van Straatentranslation: Laura Watkinson
(Red Robin Books, 2018, 28 pages)
You Have Me to LoveYou Have Me to LoveJaap Robbentranslation: David Doherty
(World Editions, 2018, 248 pages)
MalvaMalvaHagar Peeterstranslation: Vivien D. Glass
(DoppelHouse Press, 2018, 208 pages)
CravingCravingEsther Gerritsentranslation: Michele Hutchison
(World Editions, 2018, 192 pages)
City of SandcastlesCity of SandcastlesHagar Peeterstranslation: Judith Wilkinson
(Shoestring Press, 2018, 112 pages)
The Sexy StormThe Sexy StormEdward van de Vendeltranslation: David Colmer, 48 pages
(A Midsummer Night's Press, 2018)
HappyHappyMies van Hout(Lemniscaat, 2017, 44 pages)
Nothing HappenedNothing HappenedMark Janssen(Lemniscaat USA LLC, 2017, 36 pages)
The Tree HouseThe Tree HouseMarije Tolmantranslation: Ronald Tolman, Marije Tolman
(Lemniscaat Ltd, 2017, 28 pages)
Sam in WinterSam in WinterEdward van de Vendeltranslation: David Colmer
(Eerdmans, 2017, 153 pages)
A Hundred Hours of NightA Hundred Hours of NightAnna Woltztranslation: Laura Watkinson
(Scholastic, 2016, 242 pages)
A Dog Like SamA Dog Like SamEdward van de Vendel(Eerdmans, 2016, 111 pages)
The Secrets of the Wild WoodThe Secrets of the Wild WoodTonke Dragttranslation: Laura Watkinson
(Pushkin Press, 2015, 480 pages)
The Song of SevenThe Song of SevenTonke Dragttranslation: Laura Watkinson
(Pushkin Press, 2015, 352 pages)
Pussycat, PussycatPussycat, PussycatMies van Hout(Lemniscaat USA, 2015, 32 pages)
The Cheer-Up BirdThe Cheer-Up BirdEdward van de Vendel(Lemniscaat USA LLC, 2015, 32 pages)
Sam Showed UpSam Showed UpEdward van de Vendeltranslation: David Colmer
(DAC, 2015, 128 pages)
SurpriseSurpriseMies van Hout(Lemniscaat, 2014, 24 pages)
The Letter for the KingThe Letter for the KingTonke Dragttranslation: Laura Watkinson
(Pushkin Press, 2013, 460 pages)
The Snowman's WishThe Snowman's WishHarmen van Straatentranslation: Andrew Rushton
(NorthSouth Books, 2013, 32 pages)
Coppernickel Goes MondrianCoppernickel Goes MondrianWouter van Reek(Enchanted Lion Books, 2012, 40 pages)
The IslandThe IslandMarije Tolmantranslation: Ronald Tolman, Marije Tolman
(Lemniscaat USA, 2012, 32 pages)
Dani Bennoni: Long May He LiveDani Bennoni: Long May He LiveBart Moeyaerttranslation: Wanda Boeke
(Front Street, 2008, 93 pages)
Coppernickel The InventionCoppernickel The InventionWouter van Reek(Enchanted Books, 2008, 32 pages)
For Me?For Me?Harmen van Straatentranslation: MaryChris Bradley
(NorthSouth Books, 2007, 32 pages)
BrothersBrothersBart Moeyaerttranslation: Wanda Boeke
(Front Street, 2005, 163 pages)
It's Love We Don't UnderstandIt's Love We Don't UnderstandBart Moeyaerttranslation: Wanda Boeke
(Front Street, 2002, 128 pages)
Hornet's NestHornet's NestBart Moeyaerttranslation: David Colmer
(Front Street, 2000, 144 pages)
Bare HandsBare HandsBart Moeyaerttranslation: David Colmer
(Front Street, 1998, 136 pages)