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The Invisible Digital War

The Invisible Digital War

The Invisible Digital War by Huib Modderkolk, translation: Elizabeth Manton
(Bloomsbury, 2021, 272 pages)

Six years ago, Huib Modderkolk began investigating the digital world. He gradually formed a picture of how systems built for free communication are exploited for espionage and manipulation, and unearthed secret operations by the Dutch, American and Russian intelligence services. His most important conclusion? We are vulnerable: computer systems control access to our most basic human needs.

This is just one example of how digital disruption in the Netherlands is inextricably connected with the rest of the world.

Based on the cases he has investigated, Modderkolk takes the reader on a tour of the corridors and back doors of the globalised digital world. Who is reading our texts? How far do the tendrils of Dutch security reach? What does it mean when nations use the internet to control and sabotage? In this book, Modderkolk reveals the vulnerability of a society which increasingly relies on technology.