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6 Mar
Eva Meijer at Words by the Water

Secret conversations with the living world. Philosopher and artist Eva Meijer explores the ways animals communicate.

8 Mar
J.S. Margot at the Jewish Book Week

Mazel Tov! J.S. Margot discusses her new book with chair Justine Solomons at the Jewish Book Week.

4 Nov
Onno Blom in Toppings Bookshop, Bath

Onno Blom in Toppings Bookshop, Bath


How are We Going to Explain This?

In How Are We Going to Explain This? Our Future on an Ever Warmer Planet Jelmer Mommers presents a disarmingly concise and considered explanation of the global climate crisis and reveals the effective tools a growing movement is turning to. Tools you can pick up today to help create and…

The Seaweed Collector's Handbook

The Seaweed Collector's Handbook: From Purple Laver to Peacock’s Tail is a book filled with seaweed of all colours, immortalized in painting, praised in literature, emerged in fashion and fabric designs, prepared in tasty and nutritious dishes, supplemented with wholesome seaweed recipes from various continents. In an entertaining, poetic and…


In this book, Rutger Bregman incorporates the latest insights from psychology, economics, biology and archaeology. He takes us on a journey through history and gives new answers to old questions. How do we explain our biggest crimes? Are we deeply inclined to evil or good within? Humankind not only rewrites…

Pluses and Minuses

What is the relationship between the number of films Nicolas Cage appears in and the number of deaths by drowning in swimming pools? How in 1850s London did John Snow calculate the relationship between the city’s water suppliers and the number of deaths from cholera? If we consider that the…

The Number Bias: How Numbers Lead and Mislead Us

Numbers are everywhere – they might denote calories, work targets, statistics or the temperature outside – and while they are not as objective as they seem, figures still colour and shape our daily landscape. Econometrist and journalist Sanne Blauw penned this book for people who don’t know anything about num­bers…

Animal Languages

The secret conversations of the living world Animals use far more elaborate and complex language than we think. They chat, gossip, mourn, rhyme, speak in dialects and make jokes. Whales sing a different series of songs each season, which rhyme and are picked up by other whales in passing, making…

The Cut Out Girl

The extraordinary true story of a young Jewish girl in Holland during World War II, who hides from the Nazis in the homes of an underground network of foster families, one of them the author’s grandparents. Bart van Es left Holland for England many years ago, but one story from…