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Popcorn Bob

Popcorn Bob

Popcorn Bob by Maranke Rinck, translation: Nancy Forest-Flier
(Levine Querido, 2021, 152 pages)

Ellis loves popcorn. Who doesn’t?

But one day her school goes on a healthy eating campaign and her dads decide to follow suit, banning all snack foods from their house, including popcorn. Unfair. Ellis has got to get around that edict, so one night she pops a bag of popcorn out back in the garage... and she’s met with more than just her favorite salty snack. One kernel refuses to pop, and soon it’s sprouted a face, arms, and legs! He introduces himself as Popcorn Bob, and he is not in a good mood. (Ever, really.) He’s absolutely ravenous, and no amount of food keeps him from being hangry. Bob causes no end of chaos for Ellis, and she decides to rid herself of him once and for all, except...she actually starts to like him.

A chapter book for all ages, Popcorn Bob is a laugh-out-loud story about the power of friendship, and a perfect bowl of popcorn.

Illustrations by Martijn van der Linden.

Comedic hijinks and unlikely friendship ensue...an amusing series starter that’s just right for young fans of the absurd. – Publishers Weekly
A bowl of crunchy fun. – Booklist
For readers with a taste for the bizarre. Gloriously muddy foolery. – Kirkus Reviews


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