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28 Oct
Meet Popcorn Bob

Popcorn Bob is a laugh-out-loud story about a popcorn kernel that sprouts a face, arms and legs!  He introduces himself as Popcorn Bob and causes no end of chaos for Ellis after she discovers him.

29 Oct
Palm Trees at the North Pole

A clear, accessible and often funny book that will help young readers understand the most important issue humanity has ever faced – climate change. It’s about windmills and water power, icebergs and volcanoes, innovative scientists and brave inventors.

26 Oct
If Only with Mies Van Hout and David Colmer

A fun filled interactive session with international bestselling author-illustrator Mies Van Hout. If only I were a bee, thinks the firefly. If only I were a spider, thinks the bee. Sometimes we all wish to be like somebody else but we should never forget what makes us special.

12 Oct
Harmen van Straaten at Wokingham

Come and Join Dutch Author Harmen van Straaten as he reads his books Hey, who’s in the loo? and Robbies’s Little Red Tractor.

11 Oct
Alice Tetley-Paul at Wokingham Children’s Festival

Creative Translation Workshop with NDW Translator in Residence Alice Tetley-Paul

10 Oct
Anna Woltz: Talking To Alaska

The international children’s author discusses her latest work with translators Daniel Hahn & David Colmer

28 Sept
Looking after our Planet

Looking after our Planet with Emma Shevah & Marc ter Horst. Have you ever wanted to make a difference to the world but didn’t know quite where to start? Thai-Irish author Emma Shevah and Dutch writer Marc ter Horst are here to tell you how small things can make a big, and positive difference.

29 Sept
The Power of Friendship

The Power of Friendship with Phil Earle, Bali Rai, Lesley Parr, Anna Woltz chaired by Janet Smyth. Join our Festival Programme Consultant Janet Smyth for this inspiring event as she talks to authors Phil Earle, Bali Rai, Lesley Parr and Anna Woltz. This event will be followed by a live Q&A.

29 May
Making Friends: Brian Conaghan & Anna Woltz

Join Brian Conaghan and Anna Woltz to discover the joy of finding friends in the most unexpected places and people.

6 Apr
I Wish Book Talk

Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket will host a book talk for I Wish. He will share his reflections on the work, and also on the creations by Takoma Park Education Campus' fifth graders who created poems and drawings inspired by I Wish.


Women in Translation Month

August is Women in Translation Month and we thought we would round up the month with highlighting not only some of the extraordinary Dutch women authors available in translation, but also books that women translators have brought to us, by rendering them so beautifully into English.

New Dutch Writing Translator in Residence

The New Dutch Writing Translator in Residence is an innovative, peripatetic residency for an emerging translator running from October 2019 to November 2020. Our Translator in Residence for this period is Alice Tetley-Paul. The Residency will bring the power of translation to wide ranging audiences, focusing on Dutch Literature in translation, alongside the wider New Dutch Writing campaign. 


Popcorn Bob

Ellis loves popcorn. Who doesn’t? But one day her school goes on a healthy eating campaign and her dads decide to follow suit, banning all snack foods from their house, including popcorn. Unfair. Ellis has got to get around that edict, so one night she pops a bag of popcorn…

I Wish

In thirty-three delightful poems by Toon Tellegen, paired with luminous portraits by Ingrid Godon, children wish for courage, a sudden miracle, an extremely unusual pet, or the ability to become a song, hummed by all those in love. I Wish pairs poems with a gallery of portraits inspired by old-fashioned…

I’ve got a Great Big Tractor

Hippo, pigs Oink and Oink, Elephant, Rhino, Mouse and Tiger all participate in the big race for the gold cup. They all brag. And they all laugh at Rijk and his tractor… Who will win the cup? I’ve Got a Great Big Tractor is a hilarious picture book in rhyme…

What Ollie Saw

Ollie doesn’t see things the same way everybody else does (and he certainly doesn’t see things the same way his older sister does). Instead of cars in traffic, Ollie sees a circus parade. Instead of cows grazing in a field, Ollie sees deadly bison with sharp horns and hooves. And…

Palm Trees at the North Pole

In Palm Trees at the North Pole: The Hot Truth About Climate Change, Marc ter Horst tells his readers everything they need to know about climate change. It’s a story filled with volcanoes, mammoths and steam engines. And with brave scientists drilling deep into the ice to prove that climate…

Where is the Dragon?

The king has seen a dragon and is afraid to go to bed before his three bravest knights have slain it. But where does the dragon hide in the dark? The three knights are undaunted, convinced they will soon find him. But it is not as easy as they had…

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Alice’s adventures in the dreamlike worlds of Wonderland and the Looking Glass Kingdom are some of the most original and best-loved children’s stories ever written. These joyous, thrilling and utterly nonsensical tales are filled with vivid, unforgettable images and characters. This new edition contains the texts of both Alice’s Adventures…

Bigger than a Dream

What do you do when the house falls silent because everyone misses your big sister? Bigger Than a Dream is a comforting book about how to understand loss. A boy hears a girl calling him one morning. Is it his sister, the sister in the faded photograph on the wall…

Room Service

Four friends celebrate a birthday in a luxurious hotel. But what was supposed to be a fun weekend, turns into a real nightmare. They receive messages on their bedroom doors, which slowly reveal what had happened a year ago. The messenger’s goal is clear: revenge. One of the four will…

Escape Room

Alissa, Sky, Miles and Mint are ready for a night of fun at the Escape Room. It’s simple. Choose their game. Get locked in a room. Find the clues. Solve the puzzles. And escape the room in 60 minutes. But what happens if the Game Master has no intention of…