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18-19 Feb
Picture It! Print It! Illustration workshop with Gert Jan Pos

Scribble and sketch your own cover design for your favourite book in this workshop at Imagine Children's Festival

18-19 Feb
Edward van de Vendel at Imagine Children's Festival

Playground of Poems: a reading from Super Guppy by Edward van de Vendel.

18-19 Feb
Annet Schaap at Imagine Children's Festival

Sea the World of Illustration: Annet Schaap's reading from Lampie and drawing workshop at the Image Children's Literature Festival.


Dani Bennoni: Long May He Live

A stunning, sophisticated story about a boy's love for his older brother. Bing wants more than anything to become a soccer player like his big brother Mone. That's no easy matter for a Belgian boy of eleven or twelve, especially for a boy like Bing. It's the late 1930s, and…

Hornet's Nest

"You get to choose. Either you poke a hold in the nest with your finger and get stung all over, or else you run away as fast as you can." -From the book 14-year-old Susanna lives in a village where old grudges and long-standing resentments are stifling, making even the…

Bare Hands

The story is set on the threshold of a new year, a cold windy New Year’s Eve. Two bosom friends, Ward and Bernie, have spent the day in an emotional conflict with themselves and the angry outside world. What began as a silly game-running away from an angry neighbour-escalated into…

Sam Showed Up

The Cheer-Up Bird

A vibrant, colorful bird wakes up in her nest, surrounded by her chicks. As she flies through the air, she brings joy and energy to all animals in the wood but with every encounter she loses a little of his color. At the end of the day she is gray…

Nothing Happened

It is evening. Sarah and Nick are thinking about their dull day. Nothing happened, really... Well... Nick did stand on his hands, went for a swim and sat around for a bit - and Sarah caught a glimpse of a butterfly and went down a slide. But this is where…

The Sexy storm

Dutch writer Edward van de Vendel, well-known for his young adult novels and children's books, explores the thrills and chills of adolescent love in these tender, playful, passionate poems. From the exhilaration of first meetings to the emptiness of a relationship's termination, The Sexy Storm is a collection of modern…

I'll Root for You and other poems

This delightful poetry collection is the perfect cheerleader for young athletes... especially ones who may not be the most athletic. Edward van de Vendel introduces readers to a world where elephants figure skate, frogs win the Diversity Olympics, and a pig quits the football team for gymnastics, even though everyone…

Sam in Winter

Sam, the mysterious dog Kix met last summer, is now a part of the family. But Sam has been acting strangely lately, and even Kix can't ignore the fact that his beloved dog is getting old. Still, Kix isn't worried - until the day Sam disappears and doesn't return. As…

A Dog Like Sam

When a big white dog turns up unexpectedly in their front yard, Kix and Emilia immediately want to adopt him. They name the dog Sam, and even though their parents say they can't take him in, it isn't long before Sam becomes a part of the family. But when Sam's…