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Movies Showing Nowhere: Yorick Goldewijck

Movies Showing Nowhere: Yorick Goldewijck at West Cork Literature Festival

On the day Cate came into the world, her mother left it. Ever since, Cate’s dad has become distant and silent, locked in his own little world. Cate has to keep herself entertained, with kung fu films, her pet rabbit and her photography hobby, until one day she receives an invitation to a mysterious, abandoned cinema, and everything changes.

At the cinema, Cate meets the strange Mrs Kano, who introduces her to a most unusual kind of movie theatre – the kind that lets you step into a memory. So begins a wonder-filled adventure through time that will teach Cate the meaning of love, the beauty of things passing and the need for bravery in letting go.

Translated by Laura Watkinson


Yorick Goldewijck’s attendance at West Cork Literary Festival is supported by the Dutch Foundation for Literature/Nederlands Letterenfonds as part of their New Dutch Writing programme



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16 Jul