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Dinos Don’t Exist

Dinos Don’t Exist

Dinos Don’t Exist by Mark Janssen
(Lemniscaat, 2018, 32 pages)

Two brothers set off on a pretend expedition to find dinosaurs. Of course, everyone knows dinos don’t exist, so there’s no need to be scared – or is there? The reader soon sees the brothers climb through rocks that are really dinosaur teeth and mountains that are sharp dinosaur horns. Then, as each page unfolds, the landscape reveals itself to be full of dinosaurs!

Mark Janssen’s plays visual tricks with scale. He creates a world of bold colourful illustrations where nothing is quite what it seems. Watch out and look closer … that tree or hill might be a dinosaur, too.

Dinos Don’t Exist forces you to look carefully, and yet the book also has the ability to stun you in one fell swoop: wow. - NRC
Janssen’s ‘glowing’ use of colour is phenomenal and stands out beautifully on the many fold-out pages. - Trouw


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