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The EU: A Failed Experiment?

The EU: A Failed Experiment? featuring political theorist and historian Luuk van Middelaar (Pandemonium: Saving Europe, Agenda)

Has the EU project failed? The last decade has seen the Union beset by crisis: the eurozone storm, the refugee tragedy and the Brexit debacle. The pandemic presented yet another threat to its existence, exposing afresh questions about the EU’s internal structure, its politics and its global influence. Director of UK in a Changing Europe Anand Menon is joined on stage by European security specialist and NATO Young Leader Alice Billon-Galland, Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations Mark Leonard, and via live link from the Netherlands, historian Luuk van Middelaar to discuss the monumental challenges posed to Europe – and the world – in coming years. Can the EU get back on track, or has Covid-19 created rifts between member states that are too deep to heal?

11 Oct