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New Dutch Writing is a new high-profile promotional campaign by the Dutch Foundation for Literature to promote Dutch writing in translation in the UK and Ireland and to nurture the next generation of translators.

It includes fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, children’s and poetry books, celebrating the work of translators and capitalising on the burgeoning interest in international literature among UK readers while engaging them in a stimulating, cross cultural debate. The campaign launched in July 2019 and continues through 2020 into 2021 and includes over 70 author events at a range of festivals and literature venues nationwide, featuring Dutch writers in conversation with their British counterparts. Read more...

Jan Rothuizen

For New Dutch Writing visual artist Jan Rothuizen imagined what a Dutch Writers' House would look like. From classic fiction writers like Gerard Reve to children's books authors Annet Schaap and from non-fiction bestseller Rutger Bregman to International Booker Prize nominee Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, they all live in the house filled with over 25 Dutch authors. In his own distinct style Jan Rothuizen, author of The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam, provides a new way to look at Dutch writing, which will also feature in the Summer Books edition of the London Review Of Books.

Jan Rothuizen

Upcoming events

New Dutch Writing has already included over 70 author events at a range of festivals and literature venues nationwide. Now that these autumn events have passed, the New Dutch Writing campaign is planning more events for the next few months. Keep an eye out for new events!

9 May
Marit Törnqvist and David Colmer at Boswell

Sometimes our feelings are so big, our dreams and our worries so wide, that we can’t find the words to express them. These thoughts and questions are explored in You Are The Loveliest by Hans and Monique Hagen. In this event, illustrator Marit and translator, David, take you on a Dutch odyssey to learn about and hear from the poems.

13 May
In conversation with author Charlotte Van den Broeck

Charlotte Van den Broeck talks about her book 'Bold Ventures' in search of buildings that were fatal for their architects.

In thirteen chapters, Belgian poet Charlotte Van den Broeck goes in search of buildings that were fatal for their architects - architects who either killed themselves or are rumoured to have done so. They range across time and space from a church with a twisted spire built in seventeenth-century France to a theatre that collapsed mid-performance in 1920s Washington, DC., and an eerily sinking swimming pool in her hometown of Turnhout.

14 May
Pieter Waterdrinker at Boswell

Pieter Waterdrinker is in conversation with Anna Somers Cocks at the Boswell Book Festival.

The Long Song of Tchaikovsky Street is Pieter Waterdrinker’s memoir of the collapse of the Soviet Union based on the author’s own experience of living and immersing himself in the country, and of how revolution has left its mark on his adopted St Petersburg.

14 May
Charlotte van den Broeck at Boswell

Imagine being an architect when your theatre collapses mid-performance in 1920s Washington or the designer of an eerily sinking swimming pool in your home town. Charlotte Van den Broeck, award-winning Belgian poet, goes in search of buildings that were fatal for their architects - architects who either killed themselves or are rumoured to have done so. The reason? Because the buildings they created were flawed; because of public disgrace; or because creativity inevitably has a dark side.

25 May
Feeling Your Feelings with Hans & Monique Hagen

Former Dutch Children’s Book Laureates Hans and Monique Hagen are present at the International Literature Festival Dublin to guide you through their book You Are The Loveliest. Each one of these very special poems and illustrations explores the many different feelings we can have; from the good to the bad to the silly.

26 May
Poetry in Translation: Talking in Verse

Join a diverse panel of poets and cultural commentators as they discuss the capacity for poetry to transcend borders, linguistic and geographical.

28 May
The Best Thing Never Planned

With Adiba Jaigirdar & Edward van de Vendel

Love has a way of taking you by surprise, something that the characters in Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating and The Days of Bluegrass Love have learned the hard way.

29 May
Psycho Buildings: Charlotte Van den Broeck

Rem Koolhaas once described architecture as ‘a hazardous mixture of omnipotence and impotence’. With her new book Bold Ventures, poet, writer, and artist Charlotte van den Broeck presents thirteen haunted tales about architecture’s dark side.

Past events

20 April
New Dutch Writing Translation Workshops

Three literary translation workshops by leading translators from Dutch to English. Open to anyone with a sound knowledge of Dutch and native-speaker level English. Free to participate.

1 Apr
Voices of Europe: Summer Brother

Dutch novelist Jaap Robben talks about his latest work Summer Brother, a story of a dislocated family and of brotherly love.

30 Mar
Voices of Europe: Great Expectations

Journalist, historian and bestselling Dutch writer Geert Mak looks at the first two decades of the 21st century including the EU expansion into Eastern Europe, the rise of Putin, terrorism in Europe, migration, and Brexit.

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