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Book launch of My name is Selma

The Dutch Centre is celebrating the book launch of Selma van de Perre’s English translation of Mijn naam is Selma.

Selma van der Perre has lived an incredible life. Aged 17 when World War Two broke out, she joined the resistance movement and was transported to Ravensbruck concentration camp in 1944. Unlike her mother and sister who both perished in the holocaust, Selma survived by using an alias. Her memoir My Name Is Selma tells the remarkable story of her recovery, which she shares at this very special event.

Selma will be in conversation with her co-translators, Anna Asbury and Alice Tetley-Paul (via Zoom). Amanda Hopkinson, a literary translator and now Visiting Professor at Manchester and City universities, will chair the discussion.

The event will be live on 15th September at the Dutch Centre and streamed on 17th September at 18.00 UK time via New Dutch Writing’s YouTube channel, https://youtu.be/LuhneURg2AA

This event is supported by the Dutch Embassy

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About the author(s)

Selma van de Perre (b. 1922) was a member of the Dutch resistance ‘TD Group’ during World War II. Shortly after the war she moved to England, where she worked for the BBC and met her future husband, Belgian journalist Hugo van de Perre. She went on to work as...
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