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Making Friends: Brian Conaghan & Anna Woltz

Join Brian Conaghan and Anna Woltz to discover the joy of finding friends in the most unexpected places and people.

Brian Conaghan and Anna Woltz create wonderful stories about finding friends in the most unexpected places and people.

Brian’s book The Weight of a Thousand Feathers asks what would you do to help someone you love? In Anna’s new book Talking to Alaska, Parker has had the worst summer of her life and desperately wants to be invisible, but her new classmate Sven has other ideas.

Talking to Alaska

Brian’s books have won lots of awards, including Irish Book Award for Teen & Young Adult Book of the Year.
Anna has written 24 books. Her first How to survive 4B was a collection of her columns in Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant about her life at school.

  • Date : Sat 29 May
  • Time : 2:00pm
  • Venue : Online
  • Age Suitability : 9+
  • Ticket : €5
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About the author(s)

Anna Woltz (b. 1981) is a Dutch writer. She has written twenty-one books for young readers. Some of her books are adventurous stories for ten-year-olds, others are challenging young adult novels. Her books have been translated into thirteen languages (English, German, French, Slovenian, Serbian, Polish, Latvian, Estonian, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian...
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29 May