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Girlhood, Interrupted: Lize Spit and Nancy Tucker

Together with Octavia Bright Lize Spit and Nancy Tucker discuss their powerful portrayals of early trauma and the very different ways it can shape an adult life.

In Lize Spit’s The Melting, twenty-something Eva sets off on a final road trip. She’s returning to the hometown in which she suffered abuse as an adolescent and for sinister reasons that will become clear, all that she carries in her boot is an enormous block of ice. In Nancy Tucker’s The First Day of Spring, neglected eight-year-old Chrissie commits an act that to many is unforgivable and we revisit her in adulthood dealing with its consequences.

About the author(s)

Lize Spit (b. 1988), living in Brussels, gained a master’s degree in screenplay writing and has also written prose and poetry, published in several magazines. In 2013 she won both the jury prize and the readers’ prize at WriteNow!, a prestigious writing competition. Her debut novel The Melting was published...
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11 Oct