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15 Oct
Literary Lives Retold

Connie Palmen (author of Your Story, My Story, translators Anna Asbury and Eileen J. Stevens, Amazon Crossing) which portrays Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes’ tempestuous relationship from Hughes’ perspective) in conversation with Nuala O’Connor (Nora, Harper Perennial)

11 Oct
Girlhood, Interrupted: Lize Spit and Nancy Tucker

Together with Octavia Bright Lize Spit and Nancy Tucker discuss their powerful portrayals of early trauma and the very different ways it can shape an adult life.

10 Oct
Lize Spit at Durham Book Festival

Lize Spit and Thora Hjörleifsdóttir will be discussing their novels alongside their translators, Kristen Gehrman and Meg Matich.

12 Oct
New Dutch Writing Translation Workshops

Three translation workshops by leading translators from Dutch to English. Open to anyone with a sound knowledge of Dutch and native-speaker level English. Free to participate.

9 Mar
New Dutch Writing Translation Workshops

Two translation workshops by leading translators from Dutch to English. Open to anyone with a sound knowledge of Dutch and native-speaker level English. Free to participate. 

13 Oct
Introducing Verzet Chapbooks

VERZET is a collection of beautifully designed chapbooks, showcasing the work of eight of the most exciting young writers working in the Netherlands today. 

22 Sept
Verzet: New Dutch Writing Chapbooks Launch

In partnership with Strangers Press and the National Centre for Writing

Join us for the launch of VERZET, a collection of beautifully designed chapbooks published by Strangers Press, showcasing the translated work of eight of the most exciting young writers working in the Netherlands today. The chapbooks encompass an impressive array of award winners and nominees including Jamal Ouarichi, Karin Amatmoekrim, and Sanneke van Hassel, as well as newer voices all long overdue or dearly deserving of English language translations.

17 Aug
Reap What You Sow

In a special event that is part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival Marieke Lucas Rijneveld and translator Michele Hutchison will talk about their International Booker shortlisted debut The Discomfort of Evening. 

3 Nov
New Dutch Writing Translation Workshop Series

A series of three translation workshops by leading translators from Dutch to English. Open to anyone with a sound knowledge of Dutch and native-speaker level English. Free to participate. 

1 June
ILFD Podcast - Rodaan Al Galidi with Caelainn Hogan

Hosted by Caelainn Hogan, Portals is a special podcast series from ILFDublin that takes listeners beyond their radius, through conversations with a half-dozen writers based across the globe, all of whom were scheduled to read at ILFDublin 2020, prior to its postponement.


New chapbooks

A series of new chapbooks published by UEA-based Stranger’s Press is part of the New Dutch Writing campaign. Short works by eight talented Dutch writers who had not yet been published in English have been translated by eight emerging Dutch-to-English translators, mentored by established literary translators. This second blog on the Chapbooks series reveals the experiences of the other four translators. 

New Dutch Writing Translator in Residence continues

We’re delighted that due to further funding from the Dutch Embassy, the New Dutch Writing Translator in Residence, Alice Tetley-Paul, will continue in her post until spring 2021. 

BCLT Summer School

The Dutch Foundation for Literature supported ten translators to attend the 2020 BCLT Summer School in July. One of them, Jenny Watson, wrote a blog about her experience. 

Women in Translation Month

August is Women in Translation Month and we thought we would round up the month with highlighting not only some of the extraordinary Dutch women authors available in translation, but also books that women translators have brought to us, by rendering them so beautifully into English.

Translator in Residence – ten days in Norwich

I’ve just started my new role as Translator in Residence, and this position encompasses so much more than just translating, as my first period of residence, ten days in Norwich, revealed.

New Dutch Writing Translator in Residence

The New Dutch Writing Translator in Residence is an innovative, peripatetic residency for an emerging translator running from October 2019 to November 2020. Our Translator in Residence for this period is Alice Tetley-Paul. The Residency will bring the power of translation to wide ranging audiences, focusing on Dutch Literature in translation, alongside the wider New Dutch Writing campaign. 


In Search of a Name

Marjolijn van Heemstra has heard about her great-uncle’s heroism for as long as she can remember. As a resistance fighter, he was the mastermind of a bombing operation that killed a Dutch man who collaborated with the Nazis, and later became a hero to everyone in the family. So, when…

Summer Brother

Thirteen-year-old Brian lives in a trailer on a forgotten patch of land with his divorced and uncaring father. His older brother Lucien, physically and mentally disabled, has been institutionalized for years. While Lucien’s home is undergoing renovations, he is sent to live with his father and younger brother for the…

The Dinner

Four people. One dinner. An unavoidable decision. The blurb for Herman Koch’s new novel sounds like a film trailer and the reader is not disappointed. The story of a father wanting the best for his child unfolds like a tightly directed family drama with black edges, in which at every…


Comic book writer Barbara Stok illustrates the short but intense period Vincent van Gogh spent in the south of France. Vincent dreams about establishing an artist’s home in Arles for him and his friends. But this dream falls apart because of seizures which leave him confused. His brother Theo stays…

On the Bright Side

On the Bright Side. The New Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 85 Years Old, is the sequel to Groen’s first book The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen. Once again we follow Hendrik, his friends in the elderly home and their antics. We find Hendrik after spending a year mourning his…

Your Story, My Story

After Ted Hughes left her for another woman, Sylvia Plath killed herself. She became a martyr and a saint; he was branded a murderer and a monster. Hughes did little to dispel this version of events. In this novel, written as a dramatic monologue worthy of a poet laureate, Connie…

Chameleon Nachtroer

Her first English translation combines her debut volume with her second book Nachtroer (2017), its untranslatable title the name of all-night shop in Antwerp where she lives. Chameleon is a set of apparently naïve but knowingly ironic, playful and subversive poems which trace a girl’s search for a woman’s identity…


Wartime Antwerp is in the grip of Nazi occupation. Wilfried Wils, novice policeman and frustrated writer, has no intention of being a hero. He just wants to keep his head down; to pretend the fear and violence around him aren’t happening. Wavering uneasily between two worlds, Wilfried tries to survive…

Two Blankets, Three Sheets

Schiphol, 1998. Samir Karim fleed Iraq, wandered through Asia for seven years, and is now - safely in the heart of Europe - sent to an asylum center and assigned a bed in a shared dorm where he will spend the next nine years. As he navigates his way around…

The Blessed Rita

Paul Krüzen, the novel’s unlikely hero, is given a gift by his best friend Hedwiges: a medal of Saint Rita, the patron saint of lost causes. Like most of the men in this book, the two are solitary souls, misfits at odds with the modern world. In this majestic novel…