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Tobi Lakmaker's The History of My Sexuality at West Cork Literature Festival

Tobi Lakmaker: The History of My Sexuality

‘The history of my sexuality is that I have always been looking for someone to close all the doors and windows, someone who would say, okay, that’s enough now. More precisely, first I was into men and later into women, but really always into women…’

Meet Sofie. The history of her sexuality begins when she loses her virginity to Walter the recruitment consultant. So, naturally, she thought that things could only improve from there. But she was wrong.

It seems Sofie’s been wrong about a lot of things. First, she thought she was into men: wrong. Then she met Frida and thought she was set for life: wrong again. Turns out, facing up to everything she thought she knew about herself requires a lot of trial and error. Will Sofie ever be able to untangle the impossible knot of sex, love, loneliness, family relationships and grief that constitutes a life? Does it even matter?

The History of My Sexuality is an irreverent and charmingly chaotic debut about queer sexuality that caused a sensation in Europe on first publication. It is a frank, funny, exuberant journey through the highs and lows of your 20s, and making peace with getting it wrong again and again...

Tobi Lakmaker was named as the new literary talent of 2021 in Vogue magazine in the Netherlands.

Tobi Lakmaker: The History of My Sexuality - West Cork Music


This event is supported by the Dutch Foundation for Literature/Nederlands Letterenfonds as part of their New Dutch Writing programme





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