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If Only with Mies Van Hout and David Colmer

A fun filled interactive session with international bestselling author-illustrator Mies Van Hout. If only I were a bee, thinks the firefly. If only I were a spider, thinks the bee. Sometimes we all wish to be like somebody else but we should never forget what makes us special.

David Colmer, the translator of If Only will read this delightful story and the author-illustrator Mies Van Hout will show her vibrant illustrations. You can draw along and create your own insect picture. Make sure you have paper, pencils and crayons ready! We’d love to see your pictures – please tweet @otsfestival

  • Venue: Online
  • Time: 2:00pm
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About the author(s)

Mies van Hout is the author and illustrator of the picture books Happy, Friends, and Surprise, among others, which have been hugely popular in Europe and North America. She studied graphic design at the Arts Academy in Groningen, the Netherlands, and has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer...
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26 Oct