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Marijke Schermer: Love, If That’s What It Is

In Marijke Schermer’s novel 'Love, If That’s What It Is' Terri runs off with a lover, abandoning her children and her marriage of twenty-five years. Her husband, David, is left to take care of their two daughters, one of whom is falling in love for the first time. These four people start to question their identity outside the nuclear family. What remains of a disintegrated home, and what changes? Marijke will be in conversation with Rachel Andrews.

Marijke gives a kaleidoscopic view of a divorce, permitting the reader to enter the heads of not only the spouses, but also of the two daughters and the divorcees’ new lovers. Through several characters, we are presented with just as many views on relationships, while Marijke remains impartial and thus confronts us with our own—perhaps shaky—romantic principles. What is love? With fresh flair and provocative perspectives, Marijke manages to provide an original and versatile answer.

“Schermer’s fresh style adds something really new to the mountain of stories about falling in love, unhappy marriages, cheating, and heartbreak—she seems to have cleared the dust of the whole theme.” De Volkskrant

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9 July