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9 May
Marit Törnqvist and David Colmer at Boswell

Sometimes our feelings are so big, our dreams and our worries so wide, that we can’t find the words to express them. These thoughts and questions are explored in You Are The Loveliest by Hans and Monique Hagen. In this event, illustrator Marit and translator, David, take you on a Dutch odyssey to learn about and hear from the poems.

26 May
Poetry in Translation: Talking in Verse

Join a diverse panel of poets and cultural commentators as they discuss the capacity for poetry to transcend borders, linguistic and geographical.

9 Mar
Online launch of Island Mountain Glacier

Prototype invites you to celebrate the launch of acclaimed Dutch poet Anne Vegter's Island mountain glacier, her first full collection to be published in English. Translated by long-term collaborator Astrid Alben, the book was recently granted an English PEN translates award.

20 April
New Dutch Writing Translation Workshops

Three literary translation workshops by leading translators from Dutch to English. Open to anyone with a sound knowledge of Dutch and native-speaker level English. Free to participate.

12 Mar
Beachcombers on the North Sea

An event celebrating newly translated poetry from the Netherlands, involving poets who tell stories in fascinating and diverse ways. P. C. Evans’s anthology Grand Larcenies offers ‘translations and imitations’ of ten Dutch poets.

14 Oct
Double up on Dutch Poetry

Two prize-winning poets, Simone Atangana Bekono and Radna Fabias, exemplify the formal and linguistic diversity of contemporary Dutch poetry. Join us for this very special reading from their new books, translated by David Colmer.

12 Oct
New Dutch Writing Translation Workshops

Three translation workshops by leading translators from Dutch to English. Open to anyone with a sound knowledge of Dutch and native-speaker level English. Free to participate.

22 Jan
Book launch for ‘how the first sparks became visible’

This is the booklaunch for the Emma Press's newest poetry pamphlet: how the first sparks became visible by Simone Atangana Bekono, translated from Dutch by David Colmer. The event will be hosted by publisher Emma Wright, and it will feature a bilingual reading from Simone and David and a Q&A at the end

7 July
New Dutch Writing Translation Workshop Series

The third in our series of four workshops will be led by David Colmer and will focus on poetry.

27 May
Meet the World: Charlotte Van den Broeck & David Colmer

As part of Meet The World, we’re teaming up with the National Centre for Writing for a series of conversations between writers and their translators. Exploring the most exciting new books of 2020, it shines a light on the new Dutch and Flemish masters of fiction and poetry.

Through poems that are both playful and subversive, Charlotte Van den Broeck is one of the dynamic new voices in European poetry. Writing on identity, bodies and language, her first collection in English, Chameleon / Nachtroer is beautifully translated by David Colmer, who joins her at this event alongside chair Sasha Dugdale.


Women in Translation Month

August is Women in Translation Month and we thought we would round up the month with highlighting not only some of the extraordinary Dutch women authors available in translation, but also books that women translators have brought to us, by rendering them so beautifully into English.

New Dutch Writing Translator in Residence

The New Dutch Writing Translator in Residence is an innovative, peripatetic residency for an emerging translator running from October 2019 to November 2020. Our Translator in Residence for this period is Alice Tetley-Paul. The Residency will bring the power of translation to wide ranging audiences, focusing on Dutch Literature in translation, alongside the wider New Dutch Writing campaign. 


Island mountain glacier

Island mountain glacier by acclaimed poet Anne Vegter is tumultuous, humorous, erotic, enigmatic and vulgar in equal measure. Written in an elastic, playful style that levels the playing field of what kinds of images carry poetic weight, the poems inhabit an incongruous space between everyday distractions and intimate, at times…

In an Unguarded Moment

Hanny Michaelis established a reputation as a poet of contained lyricism and epigrammatic conciseness. Her work is tempered by an almost wry awareness of limitation. As the daughter of Jewish parents who died in Sobibor, she was confronted with devastation at an early age. Her writing often addresses loss and…

Selected Poems

One ought to be able to say of a poem: it begins well, but by line seven it becomes a false claim – according to Nachoem M. Wijnberg, one of the Netherlands’ preeminent living poets. He also once said that a child of twelve could understand his poems. Correspondingly, in…

Grand Larcenies

Grand Larcenies features generous selections from the work of ten classic modern Dutch poets: Eva Gerlach, Gerrit Kouwenaar, Hester Knibbe, Hans R. Vlek, Rob Schouten, Willem van Toorn, J. Eijkelboom, H.H ter Balkt, K. Michel, and Esther Jansma. The translator, a notable Welsh poet and writer now living in the…


Fabias already won the Awater Poetry Prize and the C. Buddingh' Prize for Habitus. This startling, existentialist collection deals with Curaçao, feeling at home, and her role as a (black) woman, immigrant and outsider.

The World by Evening. Selected poems

As a poet, and also as a translator, Wigman is steeped in the tradition of nineteenth-century ‘black’ romanticism, including that period’s mix of posture and authenticity. The existence he describes has all the hallmarks of a lost generation in the style of the French Poètes maudits. There is also a…

How the First Sparks Became Visible

In her sweeping epistolary poems, Atangana Bekono explores the relationship between body and identity, and ways of expressing this in poetry. The problematic nature of the body features in the very first poem of the collection, 'I'. Following a forest birth – beyond civilisation, as it were – it is…

Man Animal Thing

Partly inspired by Chaka, a famous South African novel from 1931, written by Thomas Mofolo, the book charts the imaginary progress of the nineteenth-century statesman and tyrant, Shaka Zulu (1787-1828). Structured around a series of daydreams and major events in Zulu’s life, the poet extracts Zulu from the historical past…

City of Sandcastles

Translations included in this collection have appeared in many international journals, but this is the first collection to appear in English. Peeters’ language is shaped by a strong physicality, marked by deliberately halting rhythms and playful shifts in tone. Much of her work examines the subtleties of human motivation, without…

The Sexy Storm

Dutch writer Edward van de Vendel, well-known for his young adult novels and children's books, explores the thrills and chills of adolescent love in these tender, playful, passionate poems. From the exhilaration of first meetings to the emptiness of a relationship's termination, The Sexy Storm is a collection of modern…