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4 Mar
Charlotte Van den Broeck at Newcastle University

We'll be hearing from two leading European poets, Charlotte Van den Broeck (Belgium) and Jan Wagner (Germany).

5 Mar
Charlotte Van den Broeck at Stanza Poetry Festival

Five O'Clock Verses with a reading by Charlotte Van Den Broeck

6 Mar
Jan Baeke at Stanza Poetry Festival

Join us at the Border Crossings reading with Jan Baeke and Hanan Issa. Hear from two poets whose writing explores and tests the rules of living with a perceived identity.

18-19 Feb
Edward van de Vendel at Imagine Children's Festival

Playground of Poems: a reading from Super Guppy by Edward van de Vendel.

9 Nov
The sea, the sea, the seaaaaaa: writing workshop

Miek Zwamborn and Hagar Peeters: The sea, the sea, the seaaaaaa: writing workshop at Poetry in Aldeburgh.

9 Nov
Hagar Peeters at Poetry in Aldeburgh

Hagar Peeters reads poems from her new collection at Poetry in Aldeburgh

9 Nov
Julia Blackburn and Miek Zwamborn at Poetry in Aldeburgh

Julia Blackburn and Miek Zwamborn at Poetry in Aldeburgh.


Man Animal Thing

Partly inspired by Chaka, a famous South African novel from 1931, written by Thomas Mofolo, the book charts the imaginary progress of the nineteenth-century statesman and tyrant, Shaka Zulu (1787-1828). Structured around a series of daydreams and major events in Zulu’s life, the poet extracts Zulu from the historical past…

City of Sandcastles

Translations included in this collection have appeared in many international journals, but this is the first collection to appear in English. Peeters’ language is shaped by a strong physicality, marked by deliberately halting rhythms and playful shifts in tone. Much of her work examines the subtleties of human motivation, without…

The Sexy storm

Dutch writer Edward van de Vendel, well-known for his young adult novels and children's books, explores the thrills and chills of adolescent love in these tender, playful, passionate poems. From the exhilaration of first meetings to the emptiness of a relationship's termination, The Sexy Storm is a collection of modern…

I'll Root for You and other poems

This delightful poetry collection is the perfect cheerleader for young athletes... especially ones who may not be the most athletic. Edward van de Vendel introduces readers to a world where elephants figure skate, frogs win the Diversity Olympics, and a pig quits the football team for gymnastics, even though everyone…

Super Guppy

51 short poems that each present a unique and fresh look on the most ordinary things of daily life.